Refurbishment projects in Mallorca.


Transforming the traditional character of a house into something new requires creativity and experimental joy. We like to play with the old and good and to add the new and better. This is our holistic perspective of the fusion between past and future living.

We plan and control your refurbishment project.

  • Our consulting, planning and renovations are to the point.

  • We have a sense for the fine line between traditional and modern.

  • We cooperate with qualified experts.


These are some examples of our refurbishments. More you can find in "Projects" or just ask us for more references. As discretion has top priority in our work we prefer to stay small here in this public space.


Refurbishment projects Mallorca. Home refurbishments in Mallorca.



Bendinat Mallorca - refurbishment and furnishing

Before                                                             After


Son Vida Mallorca - 

Interior and exterior refurbishment

Katrin Ackfeld Interior Design

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